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IE 8 consumes more RAM than Windows XP
InfoWorld - San Francisco,CA,USA
exo.performance.network is declaring IE 8 to the be one seriously bloated piece of software. Not only is it "fatter" than IE 7, it's also more ...
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IE8 Beta 2 Fatter Than Firefox and XP
Slashdot - USA
... of Internet Explorer 8 is in fact more demanding on your PC than Windows XP itself, research firm Devil Mountain Software found in performance tests. ...
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Google spins web browser
eWeek - New York, NY
Initially available for Windows XP and Vista desktops, and scheduled for Macintosh and Linux later in the year, Chrome might potentially be too ...
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Runescape - Distractions and Diversions
MPOGD.com - Jerseyville,IL,USA
He'll reward you handsomely with XP or gold coins; so, the more penguins you find, the greater your reward. You'll need to keep your eyes peeled - the ten ...
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Spark Plugs Play a Key Role in Fuel Efficiency
CarJunky.com - USA
The ignition in the Autolite XP Xtreme Performance spark plug is more focused and produces more power. This precision helps fuel efficiency by ensuring the ...
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nVidia settings to speed the Brush tool on XP
By Sean McCormack
I had Windows Vista installed months ago but I downgraded back to XP due to Vista issues. First I opened the windows task manager so I could monitor the performance of Windows while using LR2. I noticed when using the develop tasks the ...
LightroomNews - http://lightroom-news.com/

Increase Your System Performance With a Few Basic Windows Xp Tweaks
By Perfect Domain(Perfect Domain)
While this first group of tips can not properly be considered Windows XP tweaks, they are so important that they should be included in any guide that discusses WinXP performance and efficiency. The single most important thing you can do ...
blueeyedos.com - http://www.blueeyedos.com/

FS: will split up 1996 GTX, 1997 XP, 1996 Triton Trailer
By sweetbats
for 1996 GTX $1900 for 1997 XP $500 for Triton Trailer (have to double check the year) Take all or some! email to sales@sweetbats.com for more info. Thanks, Heath.
Green Hulk PWC Performance Forums - http://www.greenhulk.net/forums

Microsoft’s IE8 Beta 2 hogs memory, says researcher
By plehry
Last year, Barth used Devil Mountain’s DMS Clarity Studio performance-analyzing software to make several performance claims about Windows XP and Windows Vista, including that Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) was no faster than the stock ...
VIBE - http://www.vibetechmag.com

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